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  Tall Blonde - Don't Stop

Tall Blonde - Don't Stop

‘Don't Stop’ is the first offering from Luke Hannam’s new project Tall Blonde. Luke is known as founder member, main motivator and sub-bass king for the Emperor's New Clothes and Gramme. Tall Blonde is the sound of one man, a bottle of JD, bass in hand and computer at the ready. Don't Stop is a dark twisted punk funk stomp through the seedy undergrowth of London. It will pound your skull with bass and infect you with its joyous diseased pop sensibilities.

"A lovelorn druggy Prince roller with lethargic lyrical hooks, shifty beats and a man who hammers jagged Parliament bass slaps which could make Zongamin go green.” - ID

"A darkly twisted, electro-pop romp."- TIMEOUT

“A filthy lo slung slice of phasing punk funk pie."- DJ

Released: 2002

7" Vinyl [OPR048]
A: Don't Stop
B: Don't Stop (Version)
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1: Don't Stop
2: Don't Stop (Version)
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