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Ashes to Ashes’/‘Superbad' is the fantastic debut Output single by LB that proceeded the UK release of his album 'Pop Artificele'. The music of LB is characterised by its highly complex sequences and rhythmic structures but this sonic innovation is in no way at the expense of accessibility. Proving that video didn't kill the radio star David Bowie's 'Ashes to Ashes' is carefully de-constructed and re-built into a 21st Century Wireless classic. James Browns 'Superbad' is a turbo charged dancefloor electronic funk attack that highlights LB's mind-boggling programming skills in reconstructing timeless tracks in a completely fresh and unique way. “An insane success.” – MUZIK “Cutting edge music of the highest calibre… A twenty first century classic.” – DJ “Weightless, gleaming, vocoder voiced projectiles of hysteical nu-phunk futurism… Bring it on!” – NME “This single should literally stop traffic.” - ECHOES

Producer: LB
Artwork By : Ben Sansbury, Marcus James
Written By: David Bowie, James Brown
Mastered By : Mandy Parnell
Mixed By : LB
Photography : Marcus James
Released: 2000

12" Vinyl [OPR035]
A1: Ashes To Ashes (Digital Spacepop Replicant)
A2: Superbad (Soul Substitute) (Ray Mang Instrumental Re-Edit) Remix - Ray Mang
B: Superbad (Soul Substitute) (Ray Mang Vocal Re-Edit) Remix - Ray Mang
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7" Vinyl [OPR035S]
A1: Ashes To Ashes (The Boys Club)
A2: Superbad (Digital Soul Substitute)
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1: Ashes To Ashes (Digital Spacepop Replicant)
2: Superbad (Soul Substitute) Ray Mang Instrumental Re-Edit
3: Superbad (Soul Substitute) Ray Mang Vocal Re-Edit
4: Ashes To Ashes
5: Superbad
6: Superbad Ray Mang Re-Edit
7: Ashes To Ashes (The Boys Club)
8: Superbad (Digital Soul Substitute)
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