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  Soft Verge - Soft Verge

Soft Verge - Soft Verge

A stressed executive jacks in for a virtual fortnight in a tropical island paradise. Things go awry… Produced by Sonovac man Mike Silver, Soft Verge is an album of sci-fi exotica. Set on a virtual tropical island it tells the story of a parasitic digi-disease, charting the progress of this strange virus from infection, through the early symptoms to the frightening physical manifestations of the condition. Influenced by so called self-help hypnosis and meditation CDs, the album is a disturbing, sometimes uncomfortable ride, echoing the hallucinatory aspects of the fever.

“A mind warping, pulse driven, menacing techno sound sculpture that crafts sound effects, tones and basic elements into an unsettling whole” – FUTURE MUSIC

“This is the stuff of nightmares – intense, suffocating, and perversely listenable” – JOCKEY SLUT

Producer: Mike Silver
Written by: Mike Silver
Released: 01 Jan 1999

12" Vinyl [OPR032]
A1: Molten Timbre
A2: Microbial
A3: Mosquito Mattia
B1: Club Fantasmo (Island Dreaming)
B2: Fever
B3: Delirium
B4: Submission
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1: Molten Timbre
2: Microbial
3: Mosquito Mattia
4: Club Fantasmo (Island Dreaming)
5: Fever
6: Delirium
7: Submission
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