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A dynamic duo, bound by a mutual love of badass beats, Jean Jacques Perry, melodic loopiness and John Carpenter - this is 7-Hurtz. "Audiophiliac", a dark propulsive journey through funk/electro/hip hop and 303/808 cultures, received unanimous critical acclaim, with tracks such as "Beatbox" and "Stokers Motor" landing like grenades on the listening public. The bands myriad influences - the retro-futuristic sounds, the John Carpenter "Assault On Precinct 13" obsessions and Hashim-style bleakness all contributed to a sound that revitalized and redefined the Electro scene.

"The darkest 70's Electro-Funk Soundtrack ever - 4/5!" - MINISTRY

"A compulsory addition to anyone's collection" - FUTURE MUSIC

"Wickedly freaky!" - SLEAZENATION

Released: 2000

12" Vinyl [OPR028]
A1: Van Am
A2: Audiophiliac
A3: Beatbox
A4: We Keep On
A5: Brains Diagram
A6: Optimus
B1: Aurora Borealis
B2: Stoker's Motor
B3: Krystal
B4: Zero Zero Five Ten
B5: Babe
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1: Van Am
2: Audiophiliac
3: Beatbox
4: We Keep On
5: Brains Diagram
6: Optimus
7: Aurora Borealis
8: Stoker's Motor
9: Krystal
10: Zero Zero Five Ten
11: Babe
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