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  Fridge - Semaphore

Fridge - Semaphore

Fridge’s second album, ‘Semaphore’ marked another step in their development as musicians. Still highly experimental and unafraid of new ideas, the sound is nonetheless more honed than their debut ‘Ceefax’. They effortlessly veer between styles - the almost grunge-like opener ‘Cassette’, the complex rhythms of ‘Furniture’ and the rolling beats and latin harmonies of ‘Chroma’ all fit together to create an album mature beyond Fridge’s (at the time) early years.

“An excellent release.” – MILES AHEAD

“A rewarding experience.” – Q

“Taking in all the clutter of modern times to weld together something of inspired beauty.” – M8

“Cool as fuck.” – ID

Released: 16 Mar 1998

2x12" Vinyl [OPR012]
A1: Cassette
A2: Furniture Boy
B1: A Slow
B1: Motorbus
B2: Teletexed
B3: Chroma
C1: Lo Fat Diet
C2: Swerve And Spin
C3: Curdle
D1: Lign
D2: Stamper
D3: There Is No Try
D4: Micheal Knight
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1: Cassette
2: Furniture Boy
3: A Slow
4: Motorbus
5: Teletexed
6: Chroma
7: Lo Fat Diet
8: Swerve And Spin
9: Curdle
10: Lign
11: Stamper
12: There Is No Try
13: Micheal Knight
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