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  Fridge - Ceefax

Fridge - Ceefax

Emerging from South London in the mid-nineties with a series of releases that thrilled and enchanted the Britpop-weary music scene, Fridge rapidly synthesised a mix of electronics, strings, samples, jazz, techno, folk and flutes into a unique style that made for compulsive listening. Their first album Ceefax thrust them into the role of Crown Princes of the diasporic Alt-Experimental-Lo-Fi-Post-Intelligent-Techno scene. "S so deliciously awash with spaced out melancholy, you can¹t help thinking they must have tirelessly lived through at least three decades of avant-garde experimentation." DAZED & CONFUSED "England's first post rock heroes Fridge, a young threesome from Putney have just made a record that easily rivals Chicago¹s Tortoise and Eno¹s early O70s avant-rock recordings." I-D

Released: 1997

LP [OPR006]
A2: Helicopter
A3: Tricity
A4: More EH4-800
B1: Robots In Disguise
B2: EDM 2
B3: Oracle
B4: EDM 3
B5: Zed Ex Ay-Ti-Wan
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Reissue CD [OPR006CD]
1: EDM
2: Helicopter
3: Tricity
4: More EH4-800
5: FDM
6: Robots In Disguise
7: EDM 2
8: Oracle
9: EDM 3
10: Zed Ex Ay-Ti-Wan
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